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Shanti Hospital located in the district headquarters of Bagalkot, in North Karnataka. Shanti Hospital is one of the pioneers in Pediatric Care in this underserved region. The multi specialty hospital offers its patients the most advanced care possible by constantly generating new expertise through innovation and sharing of knowledge to meet the constantly changing needs of the patient. The Doctors, Nurses and Staff consider themselves part of your extended family and the hospital as your home.

Hospitality requires heart and soul at the first instant, and that is deeply infused in the hospital's services. The innate tendency of absorption of emerging medical trends in hospital's work profile makes it a place of repute along with the concern for affordability making it a hallmark in medical service to cater everyone. With caring hands and smiling faces, the patients sense warmth of assurance, itself a healing effect!


We achieve this objective through

  • Treating patients​ with utmost care, respect,compassion and dignity                            

  •  Upgrading ourselves with latest technologies                                                          

  •  Attracting highly talented medical professionals                                                       

  •  Implementig adequate controls of safety for occupational healthy hazards               

  •  Continuously improving quality and healtcare systems                                            

  •  Promote, educate and research  in the field of medicine for a better healhcare

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The objective of Shanti Hospital is to provide quality healthy care services and facilities for the community, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering, and humanely as it can be done, consistent with the best service we can offer at the highest value.

The hospital offers strong infrastructure - Critical Care Division - PICU / NICU / MICU / SICU, OT Complex with 3 Operation Theatres, comprehensive medical services in specialties - Pediatrics / Pediatric Surgery / Pediatric Neurology / Pediatric Cardiology / Pediatric Nephrology / Pediatric Haemato-Oncology / Pediatric Endocrinology / Neurosurgery / Orthopedics / Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Plastic Surgery / General Medicine / ENT/ Nephrology which has served a felt need and ameliorated untold agony of children. State-of-art diagnostic services have been established with an emphasis on giving medical services with a more streamlined approach. The definition of treatment and care gets redefined in every aspect with a 24 hours availability of highly qualified nursing staff and paramedical staff, who have been trained at Bagalkot College of Nursing and Bagalkot Institute of Paramedical Sciences, which are the parts of Shanti Hospital since 16 years.

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